Ruben Fleischer knew a lot of people were expecting him to do big things when his first feature, Zombieland, became a surprise hit in 2009. And Fleischer was offered a lot of those big things, including the potent to direct Tom Cruise in a fourth Mission: Impossible movie (if you want to know why he turned that gig down, go here). But before he was ready to jump full-fledged into a giant studio movie-- as he is with his next movie, Warner Bros.' Tales from the Gangster Squad--he decided to make one more movie that was small, weird, and flagrantly R-Rated, As he told me, "I just felt like if I didn't do it then, I would never have the chance to."

That's how this weekend we're getting 30 Minutes or Less, the last of the summer's R-rated comedies and maybe the silliest and most violent, in which Jesse Eisenberg plays a slacker pizza guy forced to rob a bank when two idiots strap a bomb to his chest. I talked to Fleischer a few weeks ago about managing a movie that's got a lot of laughs but also real violence, how he made a film in which his main character was kind of a jerk, and how to use gay jokes so they're actually funny. Check out the interview below, and see 30 Minutes or Less in theaters this weekend.

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