A Nightmare on Elm Street made $32 million at the box office here in America this weekend. I’m convinced at least four or five million of that came from people who showed up at the theater expecting Iron Man 2 and when they found out that it was only playing everywhere but the United States, said what the hell and bought a Nightmare on Elm Street remake ticket instead.

Iron Man 2, somewhat inexplicably, won’t open in the United States until next weekend on May 7th. I guess Paramount is trying to bolster the piracy industry or something. They claim they rushed it out a week early to get it in theaters before the rest of the world becomes obsessed with the World Cup. I think that’s something played with a soccer ball, but as an American I’m not sure.

THR says it’s already earned a smashing $100.2 million in 53 different markets around the world. The movie opened at number one in 52 of those 53 territories, and now don’t the people in that 53rd territory feel stupid for going to see movies about people line dancing to unbearable music instead.

The sequel earned the most money in the United Kingdom and somewhat surprisingly, Korea, where it earned 10.8 million. Hey Korea, there’s a Starcraft 2 beta out there on the internet just waiting for you to play it. What are you doing in a movie theater?

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