Right now Paramount is probably wishing that Tony Stark's flight suit existed in real life, and that there were enough copies to get their entire publicity department out to London. Thanks to the Iceland volcano that's spewing ash over all of Europe and royally screwing up air travel, Paramount has apparently made the decision to move Iron Man 2's world premiere from London to Los Angeles.

Hey U Guys, a British movie site that had been planning to cover the premiere, just got the word from the studio. Obviously none of this really affects the movie itself, and for those of us watching the premiere from a distance, all the red carpet photos and excited buzz will look and sound the same regardless of which side of the Atlantic it's coming from. But it is kind of fascinating and humbling to know that even the biggest movie of the summer coming from the biggest studio and in the biggest filmmaking industry in the world can be denied by nature. If evil volcanic ash is incorporated into the third Iron Man film, now you'll know why.

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