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It’s interesting that as much as you may think you know about Iron Man 2, we still don’t really know anything about the plot of the movie. Sure the trailers contain Whiplash and he seems pretty angry, but what’s he up to? Do we even know for certain that he’s the movie’s only villain? Or for that matter its primary villain? I have this sneaking suspicion that somewhere along the way they’re going to surprise us all and sneak something in. Maybe it’ll be the Mandarin. Or maybe it’ll be the Mandarin’s pet dragon thingy, Fin Fang Foom.

A site called Super Robot Mayhem claims to have been in contact with Adi Granov, Iron Man 2’s lead concept artist. He sent them the image to your right (which you can see bigger over there), his take on what Fin Fang Foom should look like. Granov says that image will actually show up in the movie, hidden on a billboard. It’s a cool little Easter Egg for fans of the Iron Man comics, in which Fin Fang Foom is a prominent, albeit extremely weird, Iron Man foe.

Fin Fang Foom, were he actually realized on film, would seem out of place in Favreau’s cinematic Iron Man world. But Favreau has expressed interest in the character before and at one point there were reports that they were even considering making him the villain of the second movie. It might be out of place, but it’s hard not to say yes to the notion of Iron Man fighting the comic book equivalent of a super-intelligent Godzilla. Iron Man 3? For now, watch for that image of Triple F this summer in Iron Man 2, in a shot where Iron Man flies past.

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