8. The suit that comes when you call it.
The Iron Man movies have worked very carefully to ramp up the eye-popping effects that Tony Stark supposedly invented, but now that he has a suit that will come to him with just a flick of the wrist, it's hard to imagine how he ever lived without it. Essentially he's transferred Harry Potter's zccio spell to the Marvel universe-- maybe inspired by the way Thor can summon his mighty hammer, come to think of it. That Tony, always trying to one-up the competition.

7. The world's most advanced voice mail system.
We see Tony step into a dingy phone booth to let her know he's OK after the attack on his Malibu mansion. But instead of her cell phone lighting up, she only gets the message when she peers into the abandoned mask of one of the Iron Man suits left behind, and sees a flashing light waiting for her. Suddenly the 4-digit PIN you use to access your voicemail feels pretty worthless, right?

6. The electric glove made from Home Depot.
We won't go into too much detail on this since it's worth seeing for yourself, but when Tony finds himself without a suit or his lab, he does what any self-respecting billionaire industrialist playboy philanthropist would do: he goes to Home Depot and builds one himself. Being engineering rubes we have no idea what he's building until he uses it-- and his handmade replacement for the zapping Iron Man suit glove is so amazing we're going to be spending the weekend looking up guides to how to build it ourselves.

5. The zapper thing, to be used on bullies only..
Essentially a can of mace, but with extra Iron Man powers, this is a little lipstick-sized piece of metal that Tony hands to his new kid friend to use against playground bullies, but which comes in handy at exactly the right moment to help Tony and the kid both save their own skins. You'll want one for the next time someone takes too long in front of you in line at the post office.

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