Sometimes it feels like if you get one comic book movie script turned into a film, you're set for life. Hollywood discovers writers like Zak Penn (Fantastic Four, Elektra, X-Men: The Last Stand), Ashley Miller/Zack Stentz (Thor, X-Men: First Class), and Greg Berlanti (Green Lantern, the upcoming Flash), realizes that they at least know something about comic books, and hires them to develop scripts for multiple properties. Now the same thing is happening to Drew Pearce. First hired to write a movie version of Marvel's The Runaways (a project that's since been put on hold) and currently working on the script for Iron Man 3 with Shane Black, Pearce has been hired to adapt yet another comic book movie.

Variety reports that Pearce has been selected by Paramount to script The Mighty, a DC Comic title written by Peter J. Tomasi and Keith Champagne. In no way related to the 1998 Peter Chelsom movie, the series is about a superhero named Alpha One, who is the most powerful being in the world. While Alpha One has always appeared to be a hero, a cop, who was saved by the Alpha One when he was a kid, discovers a dark secret and finds himself having to stop Alpha One before it's too late. Paramount purchased the rights to the comic back in June and Chris Bender, JC Spink and Jake Weiner are attached to produce. Before becoming a comic book movie screenwriter Pearce was best known for his work in British television, producing such shows as Lip Service, No Heroics, High Spirts with Shirley Ghostman and Damage Control.

While Pearce is completely untested in the film world, someone must have vetted his work...right? As it is, The Mighty could make for a pretty cool series. The idea of an ordinary human going up against a superbeing is always an intriguing one and could translate well to the big screen. Now let's just hope that Pearce has the chops.

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