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Well it looks like at least one of the cameos rumored for Iron Man is actually happening. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t keep reading. Just know you probably want to stay around until after the credits.

Still here? Yesterday we told you that people who had seen the film early reported no sign of the Samuel L. Jackson cameo which we’d heard rumored to be in the film a few months ago. Jackson, was supposed to show up as the comic character Nick Fury, an eyepatched, hardass agent of a secret government organization known as SHEILD. Well there may be more than one reason it was reported missing in those early prints of the film. Apparently some didn’t have it… and according to our friends over at MH, for those that do it’s at the end of everything, after the credits. A lot of people simply didn’t stick around to see it.

It will however definitely be on every print in theaters this weekend when the film is officially released. So if you want to see what Sam Jackson looks like with an eye-patch, make sure you stick around until after the Key Grips get their due.

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