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Ironclad is the story of what’s probably best described as England’s battle of the Alamo. In the year 1215 a handful of soldiers held the castle of Rochester against the attacking forces of King John who, angry at having been forced to sign the Magna Carta, attempted to march on London and take the country back. He found Rochester in his way and though only held by a hundred or so defenders ended up forced into a siege that lasted months.

Paul Giamatti, Brian Cox, James Purefoy, and Kate Mara star in a movie that, to me anyway, looks like a medieval battle film shot Battlestar Galactica style. Or at least it looks that way in the first full trailer for the film, which you can watch below:

That isn’t the only trailer floating around out there for Ironclad though. A shorter teaser trailer was released a couple of weeks ago and it strikes a somewhat different tone. Take a look:

Ironclad arrives in UK theaters March 4th. In theory it’ll also be released in the United States some time later this year, but so far a date has not been set.

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