While some still refuse to believe it, Marvel has actually managed to set The Avengers in motion and the first superhero team-up film will hit theaters next summer. But ever since the studio announced their plans, the big question has been if DC Comics/Warner Bros. would strike back with a Justice League movie. Back in October, Geoff Johns, DC's Chief Creative Officer, said that they're are no plans to put a Justice League project together, the company instead spotlighting and treating their characters equally. The Los Angeles Times is saying something different.

In an article about Warner Bros. President Jeff Robinov, there is a section in which the subject of the studio moving past the end of Harry Potter is brought up. Among those "filling the void," the paper writes, are next year's The Dark Knight Rises and the new Superman movie, as well as "Justice League, a teaming of DC's top heroes, in 2013." The article does not indicate if this is something Robinov was quoted as saying is on WB's upcoming slate.

I find this incredibly hard to believe. For starters, the Justice League is made up of more than Batman, Superman and Green Lantern, who are the only three characters that will have solo movies by the time 2013 rolls around. Say what you will about Marvel's Avengers initiative, at least they took the time to establish all of their major characters before launching the big one. Secondly, what about the other in-development characters? They've been talking about making a Flash movie, but there's no way that they are far enough along that they could have a movie ready for next summer (nor should they want to considering how incredibly packed next year's schedule is anyway). Unless there's further proof or confirmation from Robinov that a Justice League movie is in the works, don't believe this one.

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