The first Alien vs. Predator was pretty universally despised as a watered down combination of two decent franchises. Somehow the follow up, AvP: Requiem managed to get its R rating back and still put out a worse film. I guess there’s no pleasing fans when ultimately your goal is just to cash in on the success of franchises that pretty much reached the end of their race a decade or two ago.

You would think that with the dwindling success of the first two AvP movies Fox would go ahead and call it quits. You might think that, but you’d be wrong. According to Shock Till You Drop, an anonymous source at Fox has stated a third AvP movie is pretty much a “certainty” now.

I guess this news shouldn’t be a complete and total surprise. The Strause brothers, who helmed AvP-R, said they were leaving the door open for the franchise to continue, returning the beloved alien races back to outer space. I just figured those box office reports would lead Fox’s “wait and see” approach for the sequel closer to a “no” than what we’re hearing.

There’s no word is anyone from the previous chapters would be returning, just that a third picture is pretty much expected at this point. I guess it doesn’t matter who they get attached to the picture, because at this point nothing short of James Cameron is going to save the franchise from mediocrity.

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