Fans of the Garth Ennis/Steve Dillon comic series Preacher have been waiting years to see a movie adaptation, but their wishes have never been fulfilled. The project saw plenty of false stars in 2010, with Sam Mendes, Darren Aronofsky and Joe Carnahan all being linked to the project, but nothing has ever stuck (Mendes is now doing Bond 23, Aronofsky is doing The Wolverine and Carnahan is making The Grey). Now another rumor is putting yet another director in the big chair.

SlashFilm has gotten word from an unnamed source that D.J. Caruso, whose newest film, I Am Number Four, gets released this week, is now in talks to take on Preacher. Adapted by Big Fish and Go screenwriter John August, the series tells the story of an ex-preacher named Jesse Cutter who becomes possessed by a supernatural creature that gives him the power of God. After learning that God has abandoned heaven, Jesse goes on the road searching for him, and is accompanied by his ex-girlfriend and a vampire named Cassidy.

Having read a few of the books, I can't say that I'm too surprised that this project has been stuck in development hell for so long. The stories have some seriously graphic content that some studios would definitely balk at. To that same idea, I'm not sure if Caruso is the right man for the gig. While his early films, like The Salton Sea and Taking Lives have some of those elements, Caruso has largely been making PG-13, teen-oriented films since 2007. Perhaps he's ready to get back to his roots.

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