Back during the early 1990s Kevin Costner was one of the biggest movie stars you could land to lead the cast in your movie. Films like Dances With Wolves, The Bodyguard and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves were all box office successes and the actor/director was even taking home Oscars. In recent years, however, his fortune hasn't be so strong. Averaging only about one film per year, his most successful movie in the last decade was Open Range, which only pulled in an average sum of $58 million. Should he choose to sign on, however, he could be headed back to $100 million blockbusters very soon.

Deadline reports that Zack Snyder has a "heightened interest" in casting Costner to play a lead role in the upcoming Superman reboot. The article makes no mention and has no guesses regarding who the actor might play in the comic book film. Set to go into production later this year, the only cast member yet signed on for the film is Henry Cavill who will be playing the Man of Steel.

At this stage in the game it's even hard to guess what role Costner might play. He has done both hero and villain in past films, but what established characters are there that available to be speculated about? If Lois Lane isn't in the movie, does that mean Perry White, who could be a solid fit for Costner, won't be either? If Supes is still in Smallville, will the veteran actor be playing Jonathan Kent? We simply don't know enough to start asking those kinds of questions.

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