When we heard last week that Heather Graham wouldn't be making an appearance in The Hangover 2, despite the fact that her character was clearly set up for a relationship with Ed Helms's at the end of the first film, the news came with a smaller silver lining: actress Sasha Barrese promised an "unbelievable" actor would show up to do ""the best cameo you've ever seen in your entire life."

That's a pretty big promise to make, but if Page Six has it right, the cameo will be pretty noteworthy. They report that Mel Gibson is set to cameo as a tattoo artist in Bangkok, where the boys travel for the next round of debauchery in the sequel. He'll be filming his scenes on the Warner Bros. lot before the production moves over to Thailand at the end of October. The cameo is obviously somewhat equivalent to Mike Tyson's appearance as a Phil Collins-singing, tiger-owning lovable dingbat, but while most of Tyson's bad behavior is well in the past, Gibson's spat with his soon-to-be-ex-wife is in the headlines almost weekly. Even when The Hangover 2 hits theaters next summer, will we be ready to see Gibson poke fun at himself?

I'm betting yes. Summit Entertainment will find themselves part of the rehabilitation as they attempt to release the Gibson-starring The Beaver at some point, and by the time the Hangover sequel hits, it will have been nearly a year since we first heard those awful voicemails. We like to pretend we won't forgive and forget so easily, but, well, we do. The Hangover 2 may be the first movie to seem risque for including Mel Gibson, but in a year or two we may forget he was ever gone.

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