As I finally left Park City yesterday at the end of Sundance, I was surprised that I hadn't heard any kind of deal for Catfish, the documentary that took nearly everyone in town by surprise, and became nearly impossible to see once word had spread about how fascinating it was. As it turns out, the delay may be because there are very, very big things in store for the movie. Twitter user FuMikeChu tracked down a test screening notice for a Catfish screening being held on the Paramount lot.

They're specifically looking for people between the ages of 15 and 39, a perfect demographic for a movie about Facebook and MySpace and the ways it can change our relationship. They also want people who have liked movies like Paranormal Activity and District 9 or watch Lost and Jersy Shore (???)-- basically the kind of tuned-in people who might identify with the central figure Nev and the relationship he builds with a woman online.

The key to Catfish is not hearing about the mystery at its center, so if you want to know more, read my spoiler-free Sundance review. Hopefully Paramount realizes what a potential hit they have on their hands, and can marshal their giant studio resources to get audiences to take a chance on a movie that, when you describe it without spoilers, don't actually sound that interesting. Trust me, it's great. And if you can't trust me and Paramount, then who can you believe?

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