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The Spider-Man 4 rumors are flying faster than ever right now, as the spring start date grows closer and Sam Raimi, presumably, is somewhere finishing up the script and getting ready to cast some villains. No one knows anything for sure yet, but (via Screen Rant) claims they know for a fact that Rachel McAdams has met with producers about played Black Cat, a villainess who goes from cat burglar to Peter Parker's stalker, and maybe even more.

They also say that casting is underway for a male villain, which would rule out Dylan Baker finally showing up as The Lizard, given that he's already joined the cast for the fourth film. Of course, both a male and female villain would completely negate the widely-accepted belief that Raimi will pare things down after the Spider-Man 3 debacle of too many villains.

This, of course, all remains very much a rumor, and I expect in a few weeks we'll have an official casting announcement that either confirms or denies all of it. McAdams would probably be great as a spunky foe, though, and a lot more interesting than the faux-threat that Gwen Stacy offered in Spider-Man 3. We'll likely all see McAdams in Sherlock Holmes come December and think the casting is perfect-- and by then, we'll also probably know if it's true or not.

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