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Back in 2002, a documentary was released titled Lost in La Mancha. Its premise was simple - show the epic collapse of a film production, in this case, Terry Gilliam's The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. Despite the incredible failure that the project turned into, Gilliam said in October that he was going to once again tackle the project, and one month later said that he had found his man, but refused to give a name. Now, it appears that said actor may be ruining Gilliam's building suspense.

Collider recently conducted an interview with Robert Duvall about his upcoming film Crazy Heart, and, on camera, revealed that Terry Gilliam wants him to play the role, should he be able to raise the money (and he should, unless The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus turns out to be a total flop).

I sincerely hope that Duvall is not joking, because he may be the best man for the role. While he is considerably older than the original character (Quixote was in his 50s in the book while Duvall is pushing 80), Duvall has the chops to play the great Spanish windmill killer. His older age might even benefit to make the character seem more realistic - back in the 17th century you could apply for AARP membership when you were 18. (cue rimshot)

Here's the interview: