The pending strike is looking like good news for some actors. The rush to get projects lined up and moving forward means a need for cast members, and that need may give a few actors the chance to appear in bigger roles than they might normally have a shot at, since the big named actors can only be involved with so many projects at one time.

Sam Worthington appears to be one of those actors reaping the benefits of the fast-tracked film. That’s not to say the actor isn’t getting parts on his own merit – he is attached to James Cameron’s Avatar and has been in The Great Raid and Hart’s War previously. The actor’s name appears in Variety’s article on planned films, however, as being in talks to star in the adaptation of G.I. Joe for Paramount. That would shift the actor from supporting name to headliner on a project with a built in audience – a huge move for the young star.

At the same time, I can’t help but wonder what this means for the G.I. Joe movie. Bigger names like Jason Statham and Mark Wahlberg have passed the movie by, so does this mean Paramount’s next toy-adapted picture just can’t draw big names? Will this affect how the project as a whole fares, or is it just a sign of the strike? I don’t have answers, but so many questions coming instantly to mind makes me wonder if this good news for Worthington isn’t potentially bad news for long-term fans after all.

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