Bad news for Sin City fans. The promised second installment in the movie adapting of Frank Miller's brilliant comic series may be dead and in the box. Film Ick claims to have inside information on the production, and according to them it isn't good.

First, there's the problems of Angelina Jolie's belly to consider. The tabloids have been circling her stomach like vultures, apparently there's a nasty rumor going around that she's pregnant with Pitt-spawn number two. Why does that matter? Sin City co-director has long been hot to cast her in the role of Ava Lord, the star of the second film A Dame to Kill For. In fact, some believe that's a big part of what's delayed the production so far. That Robert was simply waiting for her to get the baby thing out of the way and be his Dame. If she's having a second kid, there's no way that will happen now.

Second, several sources claim there are problems between Miller and Rodriguez. They co-directed the first movie, and the result was brilliant. But now they're supposedly muddled in unending disagreements and the wild rumor is that Rodriguez wants out. That'd make Sin City 2 a goner, unless someone entrusts Frank Miller with directing the second movie on his own. Actually, that might not be a bad idea. Robert Rodriguez gets a lot of the credit for Sin City, but when was the last time Robert Rodriguez made a good movie without Frank Miller? 1998?

For now, this is just gossip. Don't take it seriously until there's some sort of official confirmation. So far though, Sin City 2 has been nothing but a series of constipated delays. The film was supposed to be out this past summer, and it hasn't even gotten to production. Whether any of the above is true or not, things aren't looking good.

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