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About a week ago we picked up on yet another new rumor about a potential Luke Cage movie over at Marvel, where apparently a "notable Hollywood star" was in preliminary talks to play one of the few black heroes in the comic book universe. Now, as if on cue, Terrence Howard is over at Cannes talking to E! Online, and cryptically hinting that "Marvel and I are now talking about doing some other things."

Of course the main topic of the conversation was Iron Man 2 and the fact that Howard isn't in it, having been replaced by Don Cheadle for the sequel. Whether because he's preserving his pride or because he wants to stay on good terms with the studio, Howard put on a brave face, claiming "It was a wonderful split and I know that they've done well." Of course it makes a lot more sense for Howard to be glossing over the split if Marvel is courting him to play Luke Cage. I'll defer to our resident comic book expert Eric on whether or not Howard would be good for the role, but I wouldn't mind seeing him return to the Marvel universe-- no offense to Cheadle, but there was some kind of spark missing in his take on Rhodey.

Then again, Howard could also be talking to Marvel about playing a bit part in Captain America-- no one really knows. But it's much more fun to speculate that he'll be playing a superhero, so we'll stick with that one for now.

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