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Even movie bloggers long accustomed to dealing with ill-fated remakes of movies they love nearly choked when, exactly two years ago, Steven Spielberg and Will Smith announced plans to remake Oldboy. The Korean revenge film from director Park Chan-Wook is a landmark in the action genre, and exactly the kind of dark, sadistic thing you instinctively know will never work in Hollywood. Almost exactly a year ago (why do these stories always break in early November?) we were relieved to learn that the project had died due to rights issues, but not so fast: there may be hope (or despair, depending on how you look at it) yet.

According to a tweet from Pajiba and their reliable tipster The Hollywood Cog, Mark Protosevich has turned in his take on the script, and Mandate Pictures is happy with what they're seeing. The studio is now working on getting Steven Spielberg back on board, and "Vaughan," though I'm not really sure who that means (NOTE: Pajiba has clarified that this refers to Matthew Vaughn, who has also been considered for the director's chair). If Spielberg isn't interested any more-- or if he won't commit due to the million other projects he's got in the works-- they're eyeing Danny Boyle, who has such a diverse resume there's really no telling what he might be interested in.

Honestly, a Danny Boyle-handled remake of Oldboy would be a lot easier to contemplate than one from Spielberg, especially if Will Smith is also no longer involved. Would he move on to hammer murder after the arm-cutting of 127 Hours? Or, more likely, is this all still wishful thinking from a Hollywood studio that wants to cash in on something successful no matter what an uphill battle it might be? If Mandate really is serious about making this happen, we'll likely be hearing more about this fairly soon.
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