Like every middle-schooler during the 90s, I was heavily sucked in to the world of Pokemon. I watched the cartoon, I bought every version of the videogame and my friends and I discussed it endlessly during lunch (was it not already established that I was a huge nerd?). That obsession, however, ended over a decade ago, yet the franchise still a huge following - a following big enough to warrant a live-action film, apparently.

Shogun Gamer was recently sent a :30 second video which seems to be evidence of the above. Sent to them as a file titled "" from the email address [email protected], the video is the last section of what the sender says is a full three minute trailer. There are absolutely no details available about the project, though the site speculates that it may be a pitch like the Mortal Kombat video that came out in June.

The "trailer" is bootlegged, has time stamps all over it and contains only quick shots of action, making it almost entirely useless, but you can watch it for yourself below. What do you think? Is this real or merely the work of a fan?

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