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The last thing we heard about Robert Zemeckis's live-action remake of Yellow Submarine was last week, when star Cary Elwes said the plan was to start shooting in April. Since Elwes has been cast and set for the role for months not, it would make sense to trust his information-- but Dr. Who himself has another story that the project might be dead.

Talking on a British "chat show" recently (via Bleeding Cool), Tennant talked to host Paul O'Grady about the fact that they'd both auditioned for roles in Yellow Submarine. O'Grady asked Tennant if he'd gotten the job and Tennant responded, "I don’t think it’s happening any more. I think the film has gone away." The role would have been Queen of the Blue Meanies, a giant blue creature depicted in the original film as one of a flock of evil creatures making life under the sea miserable. It would be a fun role for Tennant for sure, but it's unclear if the movie has in fact fallen apart, or if he just didn't get the part. Not that he would be spreading rumors vindictively, just that it's hard to get accurate information even on a project as big as this one.

My guess is that Tennant is misinformed somehow, given what Elwes told us so recently about the project. Bummer, too-- given that this movie really does seem to happening, it would be fun to see Tennant get in there in villain mode.

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