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Given how much buzz they got for the surprise Bill Murray cameo in the first Zombieland, it's no surprise that writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick would start courting another big name to make an appearance in the sequel, which is currently being written with plans to start shooting next year (probably). According to Bloody Disgusting, they're looking for a "superstar cameo" from the likes of Anthony Hopkins or Harrison Ford, in addition to seeking someone to play "a lead villain with comedic roots."

But don't get yourself too excited-- Rhett Reese himself saw the news and tweeted the following:

The Zombieland 2 rumors feel like they were the product of a game of 'Telephone.' Distorted.

Significantly Reese is calling the rumors "distorted" and not "untrue," which means it's very likely they are in fact looking for a superstar cameo, but maybe not along the lines of the two actors mentioned. Reese and Wernick are obviously facing the challenge of making a sequel to a film that was enjoyable precisely because of its surprises, so picking a cameo would have to be especially hard-- everyone is expecting it because the Bill Murray gag was such a hit, but they've got to make it different enough to make it worth it.

In an ideal world, for me at least, we'll hear nothing more about the Zombieland 2 script until it's time for the movie to come out-- it will probably be a movie, like the first, that works better as a surprise. But if you want to know what's going on, apparently there are sources out there who will keep us posted.

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