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It’s been a bad couple of weeks for much wanted sequels which were probably never going to happen. Early last week here I pronounced more than twenty rumored upcoming projects permanently dead, and since then they’ve been falling like tenpins. First Bill Murray pounded another nail in the Ghostbusters 3 coffin here by calling the whole project a myth. Then we heard confirmation that Anchorman 2 was dead in the water after they failed to get funding from Paramount. Now it’s Zoolander’s turn, a movie which I’d intended to save for “These Movies Will Never Happen Vol. 2”, but thanks to Ben Stiller I’ve been saved the trouble.

Over the weekend Stiller released the following tweet: “Ron Burgundy and Derek Zoolander looking to appear in sequels. Both men destitute, without means or intellect to fund their own comebacks.”

The message is an obvious reference to the failure of Anchorman 2 to find funding. That failure pretty much ended any hope that Ron Burgundy would get a sequel and now Ben seems to be hinting that Zoolander 2 has suffered a similar fate. It’s somewhat more surprising in the case of Zoolander 2 since Stiller’s project had even gone so far as to hire a writer and enter into negotiations with Jonah Hill to play the movie’s villain. Unlike most of these sequels which never happened, this one actually seemed to be, you know, being worked on. But it couldn’t have been easy to convince Hollywood to dish out the dough necessary to make a comedy about self-absorbed supermodels who like to engage in midget orgies once, convincing them a second time was never going to be easy.

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