Empire records Deb shaves
Pay Tribute to the Film
Some methods of tribute may be a bit more extreme than others. Many of you probably won't want to mirror Deb by going all Sinead O'Rebellion and shaving your head, or following in Warren's criminal footprints by shoplifting a CD from wherever they sell actual CDs these days. And we don't recommend taking someone else's money to Atlantic City to gamble it all away, but how about harnessing your chi and adopting Lucas' strange zen approach today. "What's with today, today?" Or you can glue some quarters down to the floor in honor of A.J.'s artwork. You could eat some brownies and listen to Gwar like Mark, or loan a friend your bra, like Gina did for Corey. Weird, sure, but fitting, especially if it's red. Or if you want to get even more risque, make a dress out of an apron - though you may not want to display your "revealing clothing" at work. You might also consider resorting to name-calling, but if you do, we recommend Joe's preference for words like "bucket-head" and "banana-head." No one said you had to swear to make a point, even if you're really, really mad.. Thanks for that life lesson, Joe.

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