If you have seen the trailer for It's Complicated, you have probably been corrupted beyond all redemption. For, you see, there is a scene in that very green-band trailer that has been deemed so offensive by the MPAA that the movie must be R-rated, for the sake of the children. Wondering what on earth could be so controversial in a movie by Nancy freakin' Meyers? Why, the marijuana use, of course!

Despite personal appeals from the movie's star Steve Martin and Universal chairman, THR is reporting that the movie in which Meryl Streep does not even bare her belly-button in a sex scene will be slapped with an R-rating. Granted, there probably wasn't a huge audience of teenagers dying to see this movie anyway, but think of all the stodgy moms who have been looking forward to this, only to now worry that the movie will somehow end with a gun battle.

I leave you with this: The Dark Knight, Terminator: Salvation and Transformers 2 were all rated PG-13. It's Complicated is Rated R. Damn you, America.

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