If you've watched the last couple of seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm, you are already aware how brilliant J.B. Smoove is. A regular on the show, playing Larry David's house-guest Leon, Smoove has played a role in all of the best scenes in the last couple of years. Sadly, his film career hasn't gone much further than playing the taxi driver in Date Night, but hopefully that's about to change.

The Wrap is reporting that Smoove, Where The Wild Things Are star Max Powers and child actor Kevin Hernandez are joining the cast of David Gordon Green's The Sitter. The film stars Jonah Hill as a college-dropout who is tasked to take care of his mother's friend's three children. Things go terribly wrong, however, after Hill is involved in a drug deal gone bad that results in a chase around Manhattan. Powers and Hernandez will join the previously-cast Landry Bender as the kids Hill is babysitting while Smoove will be one of the drug dealers.

Considering Curb Your Enthusiasm only comes around every two years, it's great to see Smoove getting more work. Combined with his work with the Farrelly brothers in the upcoming Hall Pass, hopefully he is about to break-out and start getting some bigger roles. Simply put, when you're that funny and talented, it's hard not to be successful.

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