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We're one step closer to finally confirming the news you've been waiting for all summer but pretty much knew was coming no matter what. . Deadline reports that, as we all knew would happen, J.J. Abrams has returned from his post-Super 8 vacation and is committed to directing Star Trek 2, so committed that he's working with writers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof to shape up the script. And yet, not so committed that he's made a formal announcement-- so in some ways, we're still exactly where we've been all these months, just with yet another bit of evidence that things are finally moving forward. As we also expected, though, he's absolutely not going to make the June 29, 2012 release date that Paramount set for the film ages ago. Deadline says the studio may give the spot instead to G.I. Joe 2, now called G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which is already set to start shooting later this summer. Trek 2 will then be set for either December 2012, as was suggested back in May, or summer 2013.

Super 8 is still performing pretty well, netting $181 million worldwide (nothing compared to Star Trek's global $385 million, but still), and Abrams likely still has the clout to take his time on putting this together. While weathering the endless questions about when he'd finally get the movie made, Abrams consistently repeated that he wanted to tell a good story, that he was waiting until the timing was right, and the subtext seemed to constantly be that he wasn't about to be rushed, dammit. With Alex Kurtzman currently working on his directorial debut Welcome to People the timing isn't exactly perfect, but he and Orci together don't have anything else huge going into production, and Lindelof is presumably finished with Prometheus now that it's shooting as well. When he signed on to that project almost exactly a year ago, many geeks and I worried that it would get in the way of Lindelof's work on Trek 2. As it turns out, the progress on the next adventure of the Starship Enterprise has been so delayed that the projects won't overlap at all.

The real question for me is if they're still planning to shoot this fall, as was suggested by Simon Pegg and many others this fall. If Abrams is just now getting back to work, that's an awfully short window, unless they're hoping to get going in late November. All the actors have repeatedly said they'll be back whenever Abrams gives them the high sign, but they need a little bit of warning, right? As all the pieces for Star Trek 2 finally start falling into place, we're gonna need something new to stress out about, so I suppose let's harp on the shooting dates while we wait for Abrams to finally, finally confirm he's back.

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