Everything about J.J. Abrams' Super 8 aims to hearken back to an earlier, Spierlbergian kind of blockbuster, so it's no surprise to see the film nestled in a perfect early summer release date too. On Box Office Mojo the film's release date has been listed as June 8, 2011-- a quick turnaround for a movie now filming in West Virginia, but hey, Back to the Future was in theaters 6 months after Michael J. Fox's first day on set, now wasn't it?

You may think you haven't been paying enough attention to the trickle of news about Super 8 and missed all the information about the plot, but no, you've just been fooled by the J.J. Abrams mystery machine. Beyond the cryptic teaser trailer, the cast that includes Kyle Chandler and Elle Fanning and some set photos that tell us very little, there's pretty much no information about the film out there-- and that's exactly how J.J. Abrams likes it. Don't expect the mystery to start clearing up until maybe next spring, when the promotional stuff kicks up and the studio has to show us something to get us to show up. Yeah it's a little frustrating, but it's it fun for there to be at least a little mystery left in filmmaking these days?

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