If you’ve been reading Cinema Blend at all in the last few weeks, you’ve heard that the Justice League of American movie has been in poor shape for a while now. You’ve probably also realized that many of us, or at least I, had serious doubts the whole thing would ever happen. Well, as always, we were right! IESB.net, the same guys who told us last week that the project was in trouble, have announced that the JLA movie is being put on “indefinite hold.”

On the positive side, this means the crew can get out of Australia and finally start doing some real work rather than sitting around waiting for things to start. On the negative side, the work pool is probably drying upas studios run out of scripts, and I’m betting there were a lot of people who could have used a superhero movie to work on, even one as disaster-plagued as JLA. Theoretically the movie will still happen, once the writer’s strike is over and someone can go in and fix the script that’s apparently so bad it’s unusable.

Putting the whole thing off seems like a much better plan than bringing in scab writers or whatever other nefarious idea they had to salvage the movie. I remain doubtful that this will happen at all, but maybe there will be some burst of post-strike goodwill that will send top talent rushing back to JLA. In the meantime, lets pick another project in development hell to root along. Sin City 2, anyone?

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