Early this morning we were the first place to bring you the news that unknown Scott Porter has been cast in JLA as Superman. So far, fan reaction has been almost universally bad. The term “cratered” has been used more than once to describe JLA in our comments section. I doubt you guys are going to like this any better.

Batman-On-Film is reporting that a guy named Armie Hammer has been hired to play Batman in the JLA movie. Armie Hammer is a 20-year-old actor from California. His IMDB filmography is pretty thin. He had a bit role in Flicka, and did an episode of Veronica Mars. He’s a nobody. And a young nobody to boot.

Can a guy this young actually play Batman? Or are we getting some sort of Batman Beyond, teenage Batman? The weird thing is that the actor we told you will be playing Superman is nearly 30. He’s age appropriate. So where does that leave Bats? Strange.

One thing seems certain in all of this: Warner Brothers is casting a bunch of bargain-bin, young, no-name actors for JLA. So far, Adam Brody and Common are the biggest names attached to this project. Who? Exactly. Brody is rumored to be playing Flash and Common may be Green Lantern. WB is casting this on the cheap. They’d better be using the money they’ve saved on special effects.

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