What's the only way to intimidate a giant man when he's arrived in your land full of tiny people? Have a hoity-toity accent, apparently. Irish actor Chris O'Dowd has been cast in Gulliver's Travels as Edward, the Lilliputian who challenges Gulliver (Jack Black) upon his arrival on the island of Lilliput.

This is the first we've heard in a while about the comedy, which also stars Jason Segel, Amanda Peet and Emily Blunt. The THR article doesn't suggest when the movie starts filming, but given that it's the movie that kept Emily Blunt out of Iron Man 2, it's probably getting started soon. O'Dowd is mostly unknown to American audiences, but if he manages to be a tiny person who scares the hell out of Jack Black, I'm pretty sure that'll be memorable enough to get his American career started.

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