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We’ve been talking for awhile now about the fact that pretty much no one involved with it, has seemed to be in any hurry to get working on the next Star Trek movie. After the first one they promised there would be another, but since then the film’s director, producers, and writers have all gone off and done other things instead. Possible shooting dates for it have been pushed back, and back, and back.

The creative minds behind it may not have been all that interested in actually getting to work, but Paramount Pictures is showing signs that they want to get this thing going. Rumor has it that they’ve already committed money to pre-production on Star Trek: The Next and now there’s this. Paramount is delaying their Jack Ryan movie to make Star Trek a priority.

Chris Pine was supposed to play Jack Ryan, but of course he’s also Captain Kirk. The Ryan script isn’t really ready and whether or not Trek’s actually it is, well by now it ought to be ready, so they’re shifting focus to getting Pine back in Enterprise hot seat. With Trek finally being given precedence over something, Paramount expects the movie to start production this fall in order to make a June 29, 2012 release date. Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof are, in theory, somewhere out there working on the script. Warp speed gentlemen. Make it good, and please don’t use Khan.

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