2. Pine would love to do something around the Edward Snowden scandal
I continued the conversation about Ryan sequels with Pine when we got some one-on-one time. I asked him if he thought this version of Jack Ryan, this newer version, had updates of the Red October or Patriot Games stories on his timeline. With Trek, J.J. Abrams figured out how to reboot the series’ history. But with Clancy, did Pine want to try his hand at some established Jack Ryan stories?

He thinks he’d like to go in a different direction.

"To me, the world is so interesting right now, and it’s changing all the time," Pine told me, "it seems like in that era, things were a little bit more clearly defined, about who the good guy or bad guys was, depending on what side you were on. Nowadays, it’s mercurial, changing, amorphous and amebic. I think I’d like to keep it open."

When I asked for a specific topic that intrigued him, because Pine considers himself a student of the world, he opened up.

"Clearly what’s happening with Snowden and the NSA, that’s of great interest to me. So yeah, we’ll see."

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