While it's still entirely possible that Paramount will cash in on Jackass 3D's success and release another movie made up entirely of bonus footage in theaters, we know that one way or another, Jackass 3.5 will be making us laugh and squirm sometime soon, whether in theaters or on DVD. Even Johnny Knoxville and director Jeff Tremaine don't seem to know what the deal is yet, but they still talked to MTV about some more of the stuff we can expect to see-- including plenty more of Chris Pontius's penis.

Knoxville had a lot to say about a bit that involves about three or four minutes of stuff they did to Pontius, and it sounds like they had a better time than they probably should have doing terrible stuff to another man’s johnson.
Oh, God! There's a lot of good stuff. Just the three-minute, four-minute bit on [Chris] Pontius' penis. All the different things we tried with his wang. It's hilarious. And 'Incredible Nut Shots,' we spent more time on that than any bit we've ever shot. That turned out really good.

We’re not entirely sure what all that entails or if we really want to see that much of Party Boy’s junk, but chances are that out of morbid curiosity most of us are going to sit the DVD release just to see what kind of crap these guys came up with. Two more bits mentioned, "Slip and Bow" and "Rocket Ship To Your Anus," sound hilarious and idiotic, respectively:

The 'Slip and Bow,' where we pranked the guys, they were on a super slippery surface as bowling pins, and the Street Bike Tommy comes down and takes them all out, and they think that's the bit, but no. [We] had a remote-control helicopter built with paintball guns on it, and they kind of can't get away.
And ‘Rocket Ship...’:
It's Bam [Margera] on one end with a string on his butt and the string connects to [Ryan] Dunn's crotch, and he's got a rocket connected to that string," Tremaine explained. "The rocket is actually a prosthetic penis, and it fires up and lands in your anus.

It’s just more of the stupidity that you’d expect from the Jackass crew, but after last week’s record breaking weekend it seems like that’s what we all enjoy so why not give us more?

They tentatively mention January as the release, but Tremaine also says they might get 3.5 pushed out before Christmas, with the theatrical release hitting after that. There’s no mention of 3D. Scope out the interview below but be warned, Tremaine’s mic is not turned on so you’ll have to either be deafened by Knoxville or not hear Jeff. Your call.

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