The rumors we’ve been hearing for more than a year now are on the verge of coming true. Jackie Chan will likely play Mr. Miyagi in the upcoming remake of the Karate Kid.

Variety says he’s in final negotiations to take on the role. Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith, is already a lock to be the new Karate Kid. Unfortunately Jaden is only 10-years-old. Ralph Macchio was, believe it or not, 23 when he made the original one. It’s hard to imagine Jaden pulling off the stuff Ralph did in the original until he hits a proper growth spurt.

Jackie Chan though, could be brilliant. He successfully pulled of a similar character early last year in The Forbidden Kingdom, hidden underneath heavy old-man prosthetics. He’ll never be Pat Morita, and hopefully they’ll have the good sense not to try and ape him, but this could be a good place for Chan to finally make the transition from action star to cinematic sensei. Better this than another CGI-fest like The Tuxedo. The guy’s not getting any younger.

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