Okay. What the hell is going on with Jackie Chan? First, I find out he doesn‘t really do his own stunts and now he’s making wild comments about censorship being in China’s best interests. He’s so not the person I thought he was back in middle school.

Idiotically bloviating to a swarm of Asian bigwigs and movie producers, Jackie Chan repeatedly foot-fucked his own mouth by saying, "I'm gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we're not being controlled, we'll just do what we want." Like turn the other way while your own country zealously caries out Stalin-esque blood atonements on journalists, enemies of the state, and random civilizations it’s no longer interested in dealing with?

I wish I could say these attacks on freedom of speech didn’t matter, but the truth is Jackie Chan matters in China. He matters a lot. Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and Chuck Norris could all publicly denounce the Bill Of Rights and it wouldn’t make a shred of difference, but you know what happens when movers and shakers come out against perceived obscenities? You get affronts to creativity and art themselves like The Hays Code. Jackie Chan isn’t just some B-movie tour-de-force Bruce Lee ninja in Asia. He’s a heavy hitter who’s built an empire atop those speedy roundhouse kicks. What he says does matter, at least for the future of Chinese cinema.

It should be noted Chan’s comments came just days after librarian and free speech advocated Judith Krug passed away. She spent her life fighting for books she found distasteful and offensive because she realized people have the right to draw their own morality lines in the sand. The good citizens of China deserve nothing less, and perhaps, Mr. Chan should keep that in mind the next time he plans on inferring otherwise. I couldn’t care less if he chooses to avoid movies he finds distasteful, but if his distaste starts affecting what films the Chinese Government okays, everyone loses.

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