All the Oscar attention he got for Little Children is about to pay off in a big way for former child star turned toast of the town Jackie Earle Haley. This morning The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that he has major roles booked in no fewer than three upcoming major films. But it’s the fourth, less certain one that’s got me interested. Comics2Film says Haley may have a part in 300 director Zack Snyder’s next movie, an adaptation of the seminal comic book Watchmen.

Watchmen is currently in the middle of pre-production under Snyder’s watchful eye. It’s at that early stage where everything is casting rumors that don’t ever seem to pan out. Hopefully this one will be different, because Haley is perfect for this universe. Rumor has it that Jackie may be up for the mega-important part of Rorschach.

Rorschach is not just an inkblot test, it’s also the name of a grungy, determined, detective/superhero in Watchmen who wears an inkblot-like mask which he considers his true face. Watchmen is about a large ensemble of different characters, but it’s the investigation of Rorschach and his partner Nite-Owl which really sews the whole thing together. Haley would be perfect for the part, assuming he’s comfortable with no one seeing his face.

Comics2Film also claims they’ve heard Simon Pegg’s name mentioned in conjunction with Watchmen, though they offer no specifics on who he might be playing. Let’s hope that one’s false. Watchmen is no place for a funnyman, unless it’s The Comedian.

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