James Cameron and Sam Worthington are already planning a reunion for Avatar 2, which is presumably happening at some point, though chatter has been minimal lately. But apparently Jake Sully and the inventor of Pandora like each other so much that they're teaming up to tackle another sci-fi story entirely, though not one that will presumably take them away from Avatar 2, whenever that gets going. THR reports that 20th Century Fox is about to pick up the sci-fi pitch Myth from Will Staples, an action-packed story that Cameron would executive produce, with Worthington and Lorenzo di Bonaventura producing.

No deals have been made yet, but Cameron isn't planning to direct and Worthington isn't planning to star, meaning the movie can be advertised as "the team that brought you Avatar" without actually sucking up all their time (kinda like the way Sanctum was produced by Cameron, but was awful in a way Cameron's movies never have been). Staples is a newcomer to screenwriting, with a handful of projects in development that he wrote with writing partner Sean O'Keefe, but has a long background in writing the Call of Duty video games, experience that ought to give him a leg up in writing Myth, which THR describes thusly: "It's big, it's sci-fi, and it's got lots of action."

Big original sci-fi projects seem to be more popular these days than ever, surely in no small part thanks to Avatar-- Ridley Scott is bringing us the Alien prequel-but-not-really with Prometheus, Neill Blomkamp is busy preparing the outer space-set Elysium, and Prometheus writer (and Lost mastermind) Damon Lindelof is planning another one at Disney. Even with J.J. Abrams delaying Star Trek 2 and no start date in sight for Avatar 2, it's a good time to go to outer space at the movies.

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