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Any good businessman will tell you making your employees buy in or feel like they’re somehow involved is the best way to maximize production. There’s a few ways to do that, but the most common is by implementing bonuses when the company is doing well. Avatar made 2.7 billion dollars at the box office during its theatrical run, and now the producers are ready to hand out bonuses.

According to Deadline, James Cameron and Jon Landau recently purchased eleven blue Priuses (Priusi?) for the principal cast members that worked on Avatar. With a price tag of twenty thousand a piece, it may not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, but these acts of kindness are a great way of telling people “job well done.”

You may remember a few months back Adam Sandler purchased luxury cars for the four other lead actors in Grown Ups, but the real correlation here is with George Lucas. In 1980, after it was obvious The Empire Strikes Back was going to turn a handsome profit, Lucas paid five million out in bonuses to various employees. The majority returned to work on Return Of The Jedi and many of the technical staff have remained beside the producer for decades. With Cameron looking to make more Avatars, this little car giveaway should certainly help. Not that I'm crying selfish motives, generous acts of kindness are just a great way to cement partnerships.

For what it’s worth, my dad owns a Prius and loves it. Just saying…

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