James Cameron has never seemed to mind if you mistook him for the Messiah, and now it seems he might actually be on his way to earning the title outright. THR reports with Reuters that Cameron has met with Washington officials and scientists to try and figure out a way to control the enormous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

It's not as if Cameron has invented some magical device to fix it-- that's actually Kevin Costner's contribution. It seems that the people in charge of fixing this mess want to talk to Cameron for his expertise in underwater exploration and specifically using cameras down there. If he was able to film the wreck of the Titanic, they figure, he might be able to get a camera down to where the oil is leaking and figure out how to stop the damn thing.

I'm sure Cameron would love nothing more than to ride in on a white horse and dispense a fleet of Na'vi to zap away the oil, and hey, given his resources, that may still be possible. But if his contribution is a more subtle one, simply offering up his oceans expertise and letting the actual scientists handle things, I might even be more impressed. It seems the King of the World understands teamwork as well.

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