Six months after the film's initial release, Avatar seems to still be the only movie people actually want to hear about. It's broken almost every record in the book and with DVD and Blu-ray sales still on the rise, it's still adding to the ass load of money James Cameron, Fox, and News Corp. have made off it. With all that in mind, it seems logical that the higher ups would want to sequelize this film as fast as possible, and that's exactly what they're trying to do.

THR reports that at this week's All Things Digital Conference, Cameron told attendees that his next film will be released in three to four years and could be Avatar 2...or something else that heavily leans on 3D. Thanks, James, for telling us something we've already known for about the last ten years. You like 3D, we get it. The producers are obviously eager to make more money so they are pushing for Cameron to make the sequel a priority, but as we all know by now, James Cameron likes to do things his own way, so he'll do it when he's good and ready.

I had a really good time with Avatar, and I won't mind a sequel getting "fast tracked" sometime in the next few years, but can we collectively as film journalists and bloggers put a moratorium on reporting Avatar 2 news until details are ACTUALLY nailed down? We know James Cameron is interested in making it and we know News Corp. and Fox want another chance to make $2 billion in profit, so why bother with telling us again just because the director makes some veiled comment at a conference about what we already know about the situation?

Heeding my own advice

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