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For some reason the idea of remaking classic movies bothers the shit out of me, but when it comes to adaptations of beloved television programs, none of the same sentiments apply. I paid to see both Charlie’s Angels films in theaters, I own and will bitterly defend the first Brady Bunch movie, and had I seen The Dukes Of Hazzard I fully suspect I would have thought it sucked less than everyone else. Hell, I can even get down with that horrible Dan Aykroyd/Tom Hanks Dragnet debacle now and again. I suspect it’s because of the format. When you redo a movie that was already done well once, it strikes me as bizarre since anyone could simply pop in the DVD. But with a television show, you’re transferring the thing to an entirely new medium, therefore making it fresh. In truth, most of these are a C- at best, but I’ll keep showing up. You hear that, James Franco?

According to TV Guide, James Franco is seriously considering a film and off-Broadway play based on the legendary sitcom Three’s Company. Earlier this year, he did a bit of a dramatic recreation at Sundance with his assistant and another dude, but after seeing the finished product, the people who own the rights are interested in seeing more.

If this ever moves forward, the final product will likely have a much more serious tone than the original sitcom that was mostly innuendos and cleavage.

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