James Franco is a serious contender for this year's Best Actor Oscar, but it now seems as though he's deciding to get more serious about directing. In the past month, the actor has purchased the rights to two books (The Adderall Diaries and Holy Land) and has already announced plans to direct the former. According to new reports, however, he has an entirely different project coming up next.

Showbiz 411 reports that Franco has written a bio-pic about poet Hart Crane called The Broken Tower and plans to direct the project himself. The story says that he plans to begin shooting in New York two weeks from now and may already have his first cast member: Michael Shannon. It's unknown if Franco will also play in the film.

After starring in Howl, the biopic about poet Allen Ginsberg, earlier this year, a picture of Franco as a poetry-lover is quickly forming. The life of Hart Crane was a fairly tragic one - he was a heavy alcoholic, one of his most ambitious projects was panned by critics and, though it could never be confirmed, he committed suicide by jumping off of a boat in the Gulf of Mexico at the age of 32. "The Broken Tower" was Crane's last poem and was about his affair with his friend's wife. If and when the film is made and is released, don't expect to be walking away from the film grinning ear to ear.

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