All of a sudden, James Franco might be Hollywood’s busiest man as the potential projects pile up like genetically enhanced apes on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

Franco told MTV at the Sundance Film Festival that he’s lining up an adaptation of James Ellroy’s novel American Tabloid, which he says he will direct and star in. “It’s not all put together,” Franco cautioned. “It’s still early. You’re getting the scoop.”

Here’s more: Ellroy’s book came out in 1995, and is a period thriller not unlike Ellroy’s other crime-noir stories (such as L.A. Confidential or The Black Dahlia). It is divided into five sections as it follows three unconventional law enforcement agents as it attempts to connect a series of conspiracy theories entangling the CIA, the FBI and the Mafia. It leads up to the granddaddy of American conspiracy theories, the John F. Kennedy assassination that took place in Dallas in November 1963. It is a sprawling crime story that starts in the late 1950s and concludes with the Kennedy assassination, and if successful, it could lead to adaptation of the rest of Ellroy’s underworld trilogy: The Cold Dark Thousand and Blood’s A Rover.

Now we turn our attention to Franco, who is at Sundance to promote multiple projects while also teasing other directorial efforts he has on his radar that aren’t American Tabloid. Franco has said he’d like to direct and star in Beautiful People, a movie about famed stylist Jay Sebring, who was murdered by Charles Manson. Then you realize that Franco will be busy promoting Oz: The Great and Powerful, Lovelace, Spring Breakers and the ensemble comedy This is the End, meaning we will see a ton of Franco in front of and behind the camera for years to come.

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