Back in the summer we got ourselves all excited to hear that Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges might team up to play a struggling married couple, only to be thoroughly disappointed when Bridges backed out. Apparently Streep and third player Philip Seymour Hoffman (playing a marriage counselor) were willing to stick with the Mike Nichols-directed project, though, and now Vulture reports she may have found a new husband: James Gandolfini.

All three actors reportedly gathered for a table read not long ago, and if they can get it together in time, Streep will be ready to team up with the two come March. Several studios want to distribute the film already without a minute of film shot, because, I mean, of course they do-- this sucker has Oscar potential written all over it, and will be considered in the running for any year's race until proven otherwise. Meryl Streep is gonna win that third Oscar one of these days, dagnabbit, and this isn't such a bad way to go for it. Bonus points if the movie is actually any good.

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