Jackasses In A Circle
His Favorite Line Was One He Didn't Even Write
Speaking of Rocket Raccoon, an interesting fact came up when Mr. Gunn was asked about his favorite scene/line from Guardians Of The Galaxy. When it comes to his favorite line, his answer is Rocket's crack about, "A bunch of jackasses in a circle." The funny thing is, that line didn't come from his own mind, or even the mind of co-writer Nicole Perlman. The line was improvised by Sean Gunn, James's brother, who was also the on set actor for Rocket and is a frequent collaborator with the director. As for his favorite scene, it shouldn't be a surprise that his pick was the one that contains his favorite line: the "12% of a plan scene."

Of course, Sean Gunn is not the only member of the Gunn repertory company in the film, as Gregg Henry, Nathan Fillion, Lloyd Kaufman, and (of course) Michael Rooker all have roles within the film. It's good to see that no matter the budget, no matter the story, James Gunn makes room for collaborators that he trusts implicitly. You can clearly see his signature style in Guardians Of The Galaxy, only this time it's been passed through the filter of a bigger budget and a bigger scope. Neither stop the film from feeling like a genuine article from the Gunn catalog, and with work on the sequel already underway, we can probably expect more brilliant collaboration from Mr. Gunn and friends.

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