Jamie Bell and Anthony Mackie probably have a lot to bond over. The two are both up-and-coming actors with impressive track records, and both were recently passed over for roles in high-profile movies, with Bell rumored to be the new Spider-Man before Andrew Garfield got the job and Mackie got passed over for a role in Mission: Impossible 4 when his Hurt Locker co-star Jeremy Renner swooped in and took it instead.

With all that in mind you've got to wonder how the two will feel starring alongside Sam Worthington, another up-and-comer actor who seems to be getting every role, or at least every role that involves combat and bellowing at robots/fantastical creatures/the Kraken. As Deadline reports, the three will be teaming up for Man on a Ledge at Summit, a crime drama that's about, well, exactly what it sounds like. Worthington plays the titular man, newly released from prison and suicidal after his father's funeral. Bell is his brother executing a jewelry heist across the street, while Mackie is stuck as Worthington's former partner (they're both cops).

Calling the premise out-there is being generous, but wilder crime scenarios have played out just fine on the screen. Documentarian Asger Leth (Ghosts of Cite Soleil) is making his feature debut with the film, though that honor was supposed to go to Cartel, a Josh Brolin-starring drama that got cancelled just a few weeks before the production start date. Man on a Ledge sounds like a slightly smaller venture, and more important, Leth has three fairly big stars on board for it. Production starts in November in New York, so I'll keep an eye out for the set when it inevitably blocks traffic somewhere.

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