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Jamie Bell, a.k.a. the actor everyone thought was Spider-Man until Andrew Garfield got the job, isn't going to just fall back and lick his wounds after that brutal casting process. No, he hasn't already found his own superhero project-- that revenge would be just a little too perfect-- but he is still working, at least. Deadline reports that he's signed on to star opposite Cillian Murphy and Thandie Newton in The Retreat, a small-scale British thriller that shoots in Wales next month.

It isn't said explicitly in the piece, but presumably Bell will be playing the man in the biohazard suit who washes up on the shore of a remote island where a couple (Murphy and Newton) happen to be vacationing. The man claims he's the only survivor of a killer virus, and the couple have to decide what to do from there. It sounds like one of those movies that could easily be a play, emphasizing the performances and the dynamic between the main actors, and the prospect of watching Newton, Murphy and Bell bounce off each other is enough to sell me on this already. A challenging role that doesn't require jumping into a skintight bodysuit? Bell is probably grateful at this point to have missed that boat .

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