Just as Netflix is hitting a rough patch with the savage reviews for their original Adam Sandler film, The Ridiculous 6, they're about to talk up another big original in their production queue: Christopher Guest's Mascots. While Guest's reputation isn't spotless, it's at the very least better than Sandler's, and it's partially because of his usage of regular cast members like Jane Lynch. If her remarks on her character in the 2016 release are any indication, this is already a huge step forward in quality.

The always funny Lynch, who recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the numerous gigs that she's currently slated to partake in, dropped some vital information about her character, former moose mascot Gabby Monkhouse. We say former, because a tragic round of splits have left one of Gabby's legs extended longer than the other – which ended her career in a blaze of embarrassment. Still, that didn't stop Gabby from not only becoming a judge of the film's mascot tournament, but also bouncing back in true media figure fashion. According to Lynch, her vindication comes through the following strategy:
She’s written a book called A-Moose-ing Grace — because she was a moose — and she sells that book everywhere she goes, she’s always talking about it and dropping the fact that she has written a memoir. And it’s called A-Moose-ing Grace: An Ex-Mascot’s Guide to God and Success in Real Estate. And yes, I made it up myself [laughs]. One of my crowning creative achievements.

Jane Lynch's revelation of her character's backstory reminds us of one of the best, and sometimes worst, parts of Christopher Guest's filmography – the improv! While his films have loose story structures, with characters set up in the same fashion, there's always tons of room for the performers to create gags and quirks that only their version of that character could ever have. It's the method that got Guest accolades with his first directorial effort, Waiting For Guffman, and it's what's carried him through his subsequent films – most of which have benefited from the sharp tongue, and charming wit of Lynch's comedic gifts.

With ten years passing between Guest's last film, For Your Consideration, and the release of Mascots, the world seems ready for the return of long-form improvised comedy. The fact that Jane Lynch is along for the ride should help bring the usual fans, as well as some new converts, considering how prolific she's been in those ten years. And with the details she's given about her new character, it's comforting to know that her talent is still sharp after all that time in the world of scripted sitcoms. If there's anything more exciting than the potential dialogue Lynch will be spouting on set, it's the prospect of seeing her in a moose mascot.

Mascots hits Netflix exclusively at some point in 2016.
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